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Noell Crane Systems (China) Ltd. as a Joint-Venture company, specializing in the manufacture of Port Equipment, with the main products including Ship to Shore Container Gantry Crane (STS); Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane (RTG); Rail Mounted Yard Gantry Crane (RMG); Loaded Container Handling Reach Stacker (RS) and Empty Container Handling Liftruck (ECHL).

Noell (China) was established by Noell Crane systems GmbH and China Merchants Group in 1995. Noell Crane systems GmbH, base in Germany, is one of the worlds leading container crane makers and also a member of Terex Corporation; While China Merchants Group is one of the four largest state-owned enterprise headquartered in Hong Kong. The main business activities covering Hong Kong, mainland and Southeast Asia, focusing on transportation infrastructure, finance, properties, shipping and logistics.

Noell (China) started its production activities in 1998, covering an area of 280,000 SQM of modern workshops & facilities with over 1,500 employees, including professional management staff, experienced technical engineers, supervisors and skilled workers.

Inherited from more than 100 years' Crane design, manufacturing experience and innovative technologies from Noell GmbH (NOELL), and more than 80 years' successful management experience of Terex Corporation, Noell (China) is developing with modern manufacturing facilities, for instance, highly-accurate numerical control cutting, machining, welding, assembling, inspection facilities, and advance blasting machines, steel plates pre-treatment line, paint shop, clean assembling shop, vast assembling areas and a terminal of its own. The welders of Noell (China) are strictly trained and certified by BV, ABS, DNV and other famous classification societies, the painting and finishing are of superior quality. Noell Crane Systems (China) Ltd is developing to be the most important world-wide Container handling Cranes manufacturing base after almost 10 years hard work, and the products are greatly welcome by port Crane users worldwide.

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